Casas na Terra


The Art department of Casas na Terra, as well as the Catuçaba Gallery, are since 2016 led by Mírian Badaró, who is the curator of the Brazilian projects and also organizes the exhibitions. Mírian is also taking care of the partnerships and residences with artists from all over the world. The curator is the person who cares, who selects the right medicine at the right moment, in the right quantity. This is what Mírian does with her particular eye and loving attitude. Her vision is that art redeems life.

Art in Catuçaba is presented in a different context, outside of museums or traditional galleries. Whether it is an exhibition in the Gallery, or a project in the wild on the land, Art appears completely inserted in Nature, in a context in which its appreciation can be different than in the city. As Joseph Campbell said: « Art is the mirror of Nature ». Ultimately, all proportions and beauty originally come from Nature, which is why Art must come back to Nature, where it gains a more powerful redeem. This is the vision that is proposed here.

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